In Steph’s last post, My Favorites from 2012, she mentioned that tutorials on Photoshop Styles were coming.  That day has come!  I will have several tips and tricks to share with you over the next few weeks.  Today I am going to show you how to “load” styles in Adobe Photoshop.   I am using CS6 Extended, but this works similarly in other CS versions.

I am working with a cute snowflake from Sweetmade’s store,  Vector Snow Fun 1.  (If you are unfamiliar with how to use EPS vector files in Photoshop, you might like to take a minute to read “How to use Illustrator EPS files in Photoshop.”)

To use Styles in Photoshop, you may either “load” them, or “install” them.  When we load Styles, they are available for use until we delete them or Photoshop crashes.  Loading Styles is the easiest way to use layer styles, and that is what we will focus on today.

With your Styles Panel open and the element that you want to work with available, locate the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the Styles Panel.

When you click on the arrow, a fly-out menu will become available.  “Load Styles” is one option you are given.  Choose that.

Next, navigate to the Style (ASL file) you want to use, which is located on your hard drive.   An ASL file is represented by a square, white icon with “fx” on it and a blue band at the bottom.  Alternatively, you can locate the file by looking in the “Type” column. When you see the ASL file you are looking for, select it, click “Load,”  and it will automatically Load in the Styles Panel.

Once your  Styles have loaded, they will appear at the bottom of your Styles Panel.  I have chosen to load my Stained Glass Styles, Set 1, and you can see that they are  now present, at the bottom of my Styles Panel, available for my use.

This is a super simple method of making Styles available for your use!  If this easy method encourages you to use Styles more than you have been in the past, I invite you to visit my SnickerdoodleDesigns Commercial Shop and check out the variety of Styles I have available for your use! (All of my Styles are currently on Special for 50% off thru December 31, 2012.)

And that’s it! Next week, I will cover loading  Styles into Photoshop Elements.