Phew! I’m all hot & bothered. I’m going 5 million miles an hour today, and yesterday, but I’m Git ‘r done! Big time. Yesterday I took an hour without computer, just me & my phone, and scheduled all those appointments I haven’t been scheduling. Vision, dental, snow tires, check-ups, teacher meetings, all scheduled. That felt great.

Amazingly enough, the never-have-an-opening dental clinic on post had an opening for both Cole & Tess this morning. I grabbed it with both hands, got all the kids out of bed at the crack of dawn and got there five minutes early. I’m still beaming with pride.

Both kids had fabulous check-ups, they could stand to brush a little better, and neither had a cavity. Both have wisdom teeth cropping up fast, but we have at least a year before that becomes a reality.

While I sat in the waiting room, waiting with an impatient & hungry Dane, the receptionist noticed I had one child not being seen. That wonderful woman found an opening in the ped Dentist schedule and Dane was seen too. Score!

Dane’s teeth are not perfect. He’s a sugar hound and a terrible brusher. Lately this has gotten better, the new spiderman spinning toothbrush and his own grown-up, non-sparkly toothpaste have a lot to do with that. Still, he has 3 old filled cavities that need fixing. Our German dentist had put white (ceramic?) fillings in his teeth, which Dane loves (he’s very picky about aesthetics) but Dane’s love of sugar were eroding them. So we have 3 old cavities to “fix”. We also have at least 4 to seal. And there’s one poor baby molar that’s really struggling. Long story short, it’s getting a silver crown.

The silver crown is where we are running into problems. Silver does not match the rest of Dane’s teeth. Dane’s teeth are white. I have less than a month to come up with a reasonable, logical, argument to convince Dane this is good. Wish me luck.