In our world,  there is a lot to countdown to right now. Back to School, birthday’s, holidays and babies! So, I have been looking for some fun ways to get the kids excited and to stop asking every single day “how long until: ___?”

So, I did some searching and I found some really fun countdown projects that we could make! With our big bundle sale right now, you can pick up all sorts of fun supplies to print to make some of these!


Advent Calendar Drawer by Tatertots & Jello

I have seen these drawer/shadowboxes at many craft stores, this tutorial uses a cutting machine but you could just as easily cut out paper and digital embellishments to decorate each cubby! Advent Calendar from Tatertots & Jello

Make it for Christmas, this collection by A-Manda Creation is all kinds of fun!


Countdown blocks by Project Nursery

This project tutorials is themed around counting down to baby, but could be used to count down to anything! Pick up some plain wood blocks or cut your own and decorate them with numbers! Theme them or keep them generic – either way, a super cute project! Square Journal Cards would work out really well for these! Anyone want me to make a set of number cards?

If you do want to count down to baby, maybe one of these fun baby bundles by Let Me Scrapbook would be a good choice:


Countdown with Toilet Paper rolls by Mindy Pitcher

This one is a Christmas countdown, but I love this idea for a birthday too! A fun goodie every day leading up to a big celebration! My son turns 10 in a few weeks, and I just might have to do this for him! Wrap each tube in a different paper – so adorable!

I might this birthday bundle by LouCee to work with:

Paper Countdown Chain by Happy Home Fairy

And of course, there’s always the paper chain countdown! Print out some cute papers from your favorite collection to make it any theme you want! For the top part, make a 4×6 layout with the countdown theme!

With back to school around the corner for many of us, or maybe counting down until the first school break, pick up this fun collection from Nibbles Skribbles to create a countdown!