My beautiful boy, my Christian, is home! No, not here in my arms, sadly being a multi-generational military family means a fluid definition of “home”.  He is back in the states! Boots back on home soil safe. So fantastically, praise God, safe.

His second deployment was easier in many ways than his first (Thank You, Afghanistan, The Most Gold Hair, My Beautiful Boy). Japan is not an active war zone, sand doesn’t get in every nook & cranny, and R&R is pretty amazing on an island.  Still, one of the best parts of being in Afghanistan was the people. Christian got to know some of the locals and learn about their way of life.  Over there he really felt he was making a difference, doing a much needed job.  While he performed just-as-important work in Japan, and the surrounding areas, the people contact wasn’t as strong.  Like me, Chris is a people person.

This deployment was easier on me too, barring a couple of no-communication weeks. I didn’t lay awake nights, after days of no communication, wondering if the CAO (Casualty Assistance Officer) will show up on my doorstep. Of course, being the mom, I still worried about my baby. Just a little less than before.

Now I am on pins & needles. He gets a post-deployment leave. We are working to move the sun & earth to get him here. To Germany. To me. And I’m going to hog him, hold him, and never let go.


On the tarmac at sunrise ready to leave the state.


Hurry up & wait time.


Christmas in Korea with an adorable ROK soldier. Sadly, not my future DIL.


I cannot tell you how much these little notes mean. Thank you.


R&R in Okinawa


R&R in Okinawa. Brothers.


The best part of being a Marine. Brothers for life.