Back in May, back in Holland, we had a wonderful afternoon at the Drielandenpunt, aka three country corner. We also did this back in 2012 with Cole, Tess and Dane. Look how little they were: Drielandenpunt!

This time it was just me,  Dane and my parents. Dane thrived on the attention of three grown-ups all on him! The Drielandenpunt has tons of fun things, souvenirs, and food to make it a truly fun day. We started off with a cup of coffee, my love of coffee does not come from strangers, while Dane played on the fantabulous, big, playground, making friends left and right.

We finally worked up the courage to climb the 50M high Koning Boudewijntoren (tower).  Well, everyone but my mom. She has a well-documented fear of heights, and a love of shopping. She hit the souvenir shops instead.  My dad, Dane & I got in line to climb the tower.

Once at the bottom, looking up, looking up through grated (see-through) stairs, we choose the elevator instead. It was a climb, and it looked like a scary climb up.  Once at the top of the elevator, I couldn’t convince my dad or my son to step out of the building and onto the walkway.  One foot out the door, onto the see-through grating, and Dane said:

“Nope.” He’s positive that’s not safe or smart.  Opa and Dane stayed inside, and briefly at that, looked at each country from each corner, and went right back down. This was not their cup of tea. I hoisted my camera over my shoulder, stepped out onto the landing, and questioned my wisdom immediately.

The height was dizzying. The grating a little wobbly, trembling, scary.  I bravely made my way to the stairs to climb to the tippy-top and get the best photo’s.  I am still surprised, two months later, my heart stayed in my chest.

The view was worth the climb and the fear. The top of the tower offers a gorgeous 360° view of the surrounding countryside, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Even on a cloudy day, I could see far & wide. It was beautiful! I highly recommend a little detour to this hidden little gem in the corner of Holland.

I took a little time to study the Labyrinth, I knew this was #1 on Dane’s list of things to do that day. It seemed simple enough.  Once I knew the way out, I elevatored back down and joined Dane, Opa & Oma for some Belgian fries with extra mayo. YUM! Then Dane & I went off to explore the labyrinth while Oma & Opa took a little break.

The labyrinth itself is not hard.  However. There are barriers in place that make getting from A to B difficult. Water barriers.  Fountains of water that shoot up at random intervals.  May was not warm. The sun was not out.  Being sprayed with ice cold water was not on my list of things to do.  Dane, on the other hand, bounced right over, no fear, and raced through the maze. Keeping up with Dane had me wishing for quite time with my parents, perhaps another cup of coffee, or a glass of wine!

But my little guy hopped around the maze, coming back to me every couple of minutes with a “Nope,” or a “This way mom! This way!” Soon enough, after some puzzlement, some frustration, quite a few giggles, we found our way back out and to my parents.  I happily sat myself down and put  my tired feet up.

“Let’s go again mom!” Dane, however, was ready to go again.

This guy and his organ is always there, just before the park. It’s a throwback to the old hand-cranked organs and real monkeys. I miss the real monkeys.

Dane marching determinedly to the Koning Boudewijntoren (tower). He is going to climb it.

Dane & Opa with Germany in the background. I couldn’t get the outside. We took the elevator. And neither one of them was going with me to the top. This was plenty high.

The labyrinth from the very top of the tower. It looks pretty easy from up here.

Looking towards Belgium.

Dane turned a penny into a souvenir, Oma is helping him admire. We always pick these up for Dave.

Oma and Dane at the three country point: Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

I have to include another fantabulous Dutch bike. I wish I’d seen this family peddling in action.

Comparing heights found around the world. We’re not very high up LOL!

Time for the labyrinth and all it’s obstacles. Someone is very exited.

Our favorite dead end!

It says… “This way”. But, um, what is up with those arrows? Still lost.

We climbed the high point to find our way out. Still lost.