The Studio Yearly Advent Calendar!

John the Elf is in the house! The kids Advent Calendars are up on the sideboard and Dane is dying to take off the plastic wrap and start unraveling the mystery of Die Drei Fragezeichen (The Three Questionmarks), a popular German bookseries & game. It is the first year we do not have a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, and I’m a little sad. Still, who knows, maybe next year he will want Star Wars again?

Of course Cole is still over 18. He is still at home (studying at the American university here in Germany). And he is gamely playing along with our John the Elf tradition. The beer calendar is his, and Tess & Dave are already clamoring to help him “open” his calendar.  Beer calendars are awesome!

In fact, beer calendars are so awesome that I based the annual download-a-day FREE digital scrapbooking Advent Calendar on last years beer calendar colors. Sadly, there is no beer involved, but the Advent Calendar is FREE to all of you. Just check in HERE every day till Christmas.
Note: Each piece is free for 48 hours only. Rather than using a traditional 24-hour, one-day gift, we use the 48 hours to cover all time zones on the planet.  This means everyone from Germany, to America, to Australia has the opportunity to get each daily gift

Your calendars open today! The official start of Advent was November 27th, commercial calendars start on December 1st… and yours starts today LOL! Poor Dane has to wait another whole, long, night before opening his first day. It really is making his life oh so very difficult. The only thing helping is that this year he has two calendars. TWO!

My mom sent calendars as well. She knows John the Elf brings the kids their calendars, but she had a box to send (Cole left half his stuff at her house last month), and she loves to spoil her grandkids. She even tucked in a little something extra for Dane, knowing how much we are loving the Pokémon Go game!

It’s a pikachu!

All six calendars! Two EACH! Thank you Oma!

The most important calendar of them all… Dane’s!

Tess is craving sweets with her braces. These she can have.

and everyone’s favorite… The Beer Calendar!