We love animals! All the animals! All the pets! Unfortunately Army life = very tough on pets. It’s very hard to explain to your pet that you are moving. The vet visits, the flying, the new country, the new smells.. it’s all overwhelming. It’s overwhelming for people, for pets? Quadruple it.

Add in that we have a very allergic boy (Cole) and we don’t usually have pets. It does not stop us from loving all the animals. Luckily we live in a tiny village surround by farm land. I can walk outside and visit the baby goats, the chickens, the cows, the horses and even the bees. I take it back, I don’t love all the animals. I don’t love the bees. I just don’t, though I happily eat the honey my neighbor so bravely gathers.

I’m also blessed with a ride-share pony, our own quartet of rats and our friends doggies, kitties & hamster. This week Tess has a beautiful, adorable, I want-to-keep-her hamster in her room. Gingerbells family is traveling to Sweden, and we are cuddling with the cutest hamster ever! I think a pet photoshoot is in order.

In fact, pet photoshoots are something I’m quite enjoying. Not as a new profession, but as a way to build my photo-taking skills. I prefer natural photo’s. Not posed. Natural light. Who better to practice on than animals? I guarantee, they do not listen to a word I say about posing, preening or smiling!

While our friend languished in the hospital (Schlemmen Am See), we happily pretended his cats were our cats. I even managed a couple of great shots of his babies. I’m rather proud of these, and excited to try some more with the aforementioned hamster, our rats and my friends huskies!