On Saturday we all trooped over to the hospital to visit our friend. He had been there a full week. A week is a very long time to be alone, in a bed, in a strange country. Westberry’s to the rescue! There’s no chance of being bored when all of us invade your hospital room.

Despite being in a fairly large, 2-person room, we quickly filled the space and made it downright cozy. Luckily our friend was feeling much better post-surgery and ready for a walk. We all trooped out, parading down the hospital halls, happily waving at all our new friends + staff. Saturday was a beautiful day and we sat in the hospital cafe soaking up the sun and friendship. This hospital does not have a big cafeteria, just the cafe, and while coffee and cookies are wonderful, it’s not a very satisfying meal.

German hospital meals, especially dinner, are also not satisfying meals. I’d gotten very disappointed texts every night about his fabulous meals:

German hospital dinner.

On this night, Tess and I were determined to offer him better fare. We left him with Dave + Dane as company, and drove down the hill into Böblingen. This past weekend was the annual Schlemmen Am See, or Feast by the lake. Many of the local restaurants set-up booths or tents and offer their finest fares. The air smelled divine. My mouth was watering and each booth was better than the next!

When I saw the fancy tents, complete with white table linens and perfectly matched decor, I wanted nothing more than to plop down, grab some wine and enjoy the beautiful summer evening. We did try a couple nibbles, and got an amazing frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, before picking up our favorite Turkish doner kebabs to go.

We drove back to the hospital and had a wonderful picnic in his room… until after visitors hours. It was a wonderful last supper to a too-long hospital stay.

Schlemmen Am See… Feast on the lake

We parked down a side street… it is just so cute!

Amphora’s above the lake, above the fest.

Art museum in an old fachwerkhaus.

The perfect day to sit, relax and enjoy fine dining outdoors.

We got a frozen yogurt with fresh fruit

You could walk. Sit at the beer benches, by the lake or in the fancy dining booths. We walked.

Sitting on the steps by the lake.

One of the fancy dining booths. Next year!

Oh! I forgot! Fancy drinking standing.

St. Dionysius – Böblingen

The marketplace cafe’s are quiet. I might just enjoy the quiet more.