We are officially on summer vacation! Dane’s last day of school was exactly a week ago. Tess’ last day of summer school was Monday. Cole doesn’t start again until the 21st. Let the 3 weeks of Summer 2017 begin!

Right now we are literally doing nothing. I’ve got work to catch up on, there’s a special present I’m working on, and a ton of housework to catch up on. Somehow while I was in the hospital, and Dave, and our friend, our laundry went into overdrive. I think each piece of clothing duplicated, or triplicated, itself. It turns out, laundry does not do itself.

The kids are vegging? Chilling? Doing nothing. Sleeping in. Catching up on drawing (Tess), music (Cole) and reading (Dane). Dane is not a reader. Not in German, not in English. So when I caught him with an actual book, GASP, I insisted on a photo shoot. Dane is still at the age where he happily complies with photo shoots. I’m determined to get as many in as I can before he becomes a teenager.

Real books are heavy. Most of our books these days are on our kindles, it’s easy to take a ton with us on roadtrips. We can share, Tess and I have similar tastes, and I share with my sisters in faraway places. Kindles are great. Still, there’s nothing like a real book. The feel of the pages. The smell. It’s just better. It just is. But, real books are heavy. Especially hard cover books.

When Dane’s reading I find him flipping and flopping into a new position every 2-3 minutes. Honestly, if this was me, I’d be down 10-20 pounds just by reading! I tried to recreate all the poses I found him in, but he only has so much patience. He had a book to read.

I’m dying… this is the perfect book for today!

He agreed to the photo’s… but he’s also trying to read the book.

I’m supposed to be waiting till he finishes the page… this is a good part.

Fine. But he doesn’t like to read this book this way. It’s too heavy.

Enough. Now he just wants to read.

See? Book.