I like to keep things light & airy on the blog. It is the same when I scrap, light & airy and the good moments. I like my memories filled with happy thoughts. It keeps me going when things are dark. And things are dark. The world is dark. I am struggling to find a bright light.

I went down the rabbit hole on Wednesday. Another shooting. Another massacre. More beautiful young lives lost. I followed the news with unhealthy interest. Refreshing. Reading. Crying. My heart broke with each child lost. Each young life cut short. The pain in those homes is unimaginable. I can’t imagine. I won’t imagine.

I am not alone in my heart-break. I  am not alone in my despair. I am not alone in my anger. I am watching news reports, reading social media posts, and hearing friends express all these emotions and more. And my world is getting darker. There is so much hate. So much anger. So much directed at each other. Our fellow man.

There isn’t a person who wants another shooting, school or otherwise, and yet it seems, all we do is tear each other down. Name call. Ridicule. Belittle. Threaten. It is horrific to watch our nation be torn apart. There is a great divide. Sides. One problem. A million different sides. All of them wrong.

Until we can treat each other with love and respect there will be no answer. There will be no solution. There will be more hate. More shootings. It needs to stop here. It needs to stop now. Hear each other. Stop spewing hate. The buck stops here. It stops with me. It stops with you.

We are one nation. Under God.  Indivisible.