We have an extra! I know, I know. Not big news. We are always having extra’s. It’s one of the things I love about my life, my kids, my extra’s. They know our door is always open. We have room.

Nestor first showed up a couple of weeks ago. A night here, a night there. He was shy, quiet. I could feel he felt worried about overstaying his welcome. We asked Cole about it, and Nestor was couch surfing. Working very hard not to overstay his welcome in any one place. Always on the move.

It’s a common thing for the young adults in our ex-pat community. Mostly they are the older kids who’ve spent a lifetime stationed overseas. Kids who feel more comfortable here than in the states. Kids who like it here better than in the states. Kids who aren’t done seeing all the world has to offer.

It’s not easy to stay past a sponsors (usually a parent, usually a soldier) tour, but there are ways. Most of the kids have a job on base with SOFA status. A minimum wage job.  A job that lets them stay in Germany, but not a job that makes ends meet. Germany is expensive. There are quite a few couch surfers.

Right now there is one less couch surfer, Nestor is staying with us. He’s been a welcome ray of sunshine this week. He’s ecstatic to have a semi-permanent home, home cooked dinners and a loud family. He likes loud. He fits in! Even better? Nestor loves posing for the camera!

Of course, I forgot my camera earlier this week. I just had my phone and a pose-happy extra. I can’t wait till we can go out & about and really get some amazing shots.