We are off to a great start! Lindsay & Soren get married in less than two weeks! And last weekend was the bachelorette party & bridal shower. You know things are off to a wonderful start when the bachelorette party includes babies & grandmothers!

Lindsay is all about family. A girl after my own heart. A girl I will soon, very soon, call daughter. Not only did she wait to hold her shower till I could be there too, she made sure to include me, Tess & my mom on all the wedding events. To her, like me, family is everything.

We spent the bachelorette party at her sisters house, her nine-months pregnant sisters house. We are all praying Britani can hold on until after the wedding. Nobody is sure, least of all Britani. I’ve brushed up on my baby delivering skills, just in case. As long as it’s after the ceremony, all will be right with the world.

Despite being heavily pregnant with her third, Britani still put together a wonderful evening of painting, wine tasting and gourmet foods for a houseful of people. Britani is life goals. She is amazing, and incredibly full of love for her sister. Those two are inseparable and just watching them together makes me happy.

While I absolutely loved holding a paintbrush in my hand for the first time in decades (not counting wall painting), I was woefully inadequate. Lindsay & I both struggled to paint, willing the paint & brush to go where we wanted… though, sadly, the brush & paint had minds of their own. Tess, on the other hand, painted away bringing life to her glasses of wine on a galaxy-inspired background. How I wish I had her talent!

In between paint strokes, and wine tasting, our two families mingled. I got to know both of Lindsay’s grandmothers, I already knew her sister & mother from my October visit. And more & more it just felt right. These two families are ready to become one. Brought together by my Soren & Lindsay. I am beyond excited for the wedding. I am ready.

Lindsay, bride-to-be… full of laughter & joy

Lindsay’s Grandmother & Soren’s Oma, my mom

Lindsay & her mom Shelly

Lindsay’s little niece is super proud of her painting!

The bachelorette party from 2 to 80

Lindsay, me. Artists.

Lindsay’s other niece, painting away (but time to pose!)


Tess, artist at work

Britani & Lindsay. Sisters.

The whole gang!

The bride!

Me & my daughter-in-law Lindsay