Hi all, my name is Silke from PapierStudio Silke, and I want to show you how to play with masks in Photoshop. Do you know that you can put anything or everything into a clipping mask, not only photos?

I’m holding a Mask Challenge with this feature here! There you also can download the sample mask for this exercise and win points if you make a layout and post it to the challenge.

Let’s try this All in a Mask feature:

1- First, open a new document and choose a background for your layout. And then drag a mask into a second layer above the background. I used a background from my Faded Glory kit.


2 – Add a new layer on top of the mask layer and drag the elements and a photo into your document, keeping them always above and around the Mask. Set a shadow layer styles for your elements.

3- Select the first layer immediately above the mask. This is important to create the “clipping mask”. You have always to follow this direction, from bottom to top. Click on the layer palette, on each layer with the right click and in the pop up menu choose the option “create clipping mask”.
TIP: use a shortcut keyboard option: [Command for Mac] or [Ctrl for PC]+[Alt]+[G].

4- Now you should have all layers clipped to the mask. Drag and change the layer order of your elements until you are happy with it. Before you add new elements, create a new layer and then drag the element into it. This will keep the clipping mask feature on all layers.

Here is a sample layout that I did using All in a Mask feature with my Faded Glory kit – https://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/papierstudio-silke/

Another layout using All in a Mask feature created with my Dolly Doll Collection:

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