This is an easy way to create some depth on your layouts.

1- Open any frame, tag or make your own. On the Layers palette, click on the layer (double click) to create a layer style (choose Drop Shadow) and set it as shown here below.

2- Click with the right mouse button on the “fx” Layer Style and choose create layer. This will add a new layer below the frame with the shadow. Now we can “warp” the shadow to create lifted corners, or bend photo effects.

3- Warpping the Shadow: choose Edit > Transform > Warp

4- Warp the corners: set the little points like the image below. You might not get it right on your first try, but practice makes perfect.

5- With the rectangular selection tool select the area of the inside frame shadow – and delete it. This will eliminate the shadow that we don’t want to appear with our photo.

6- I like to add a bit of Gaussian Blur on my shadow. Go to Filter> Blur > Gaussian Blur and set Radius to 12 pixels, or as you like. Everything between 8 – 16 is ok.

The finished, lifted-shadow frame:

A layout example using my lifted-shadow frame freebie and Flowery Nectar collection:

I have pre-shadowed frames available as a freebie for download: Flowery Nectar {lifted corners} Freebie