Today everyone that posted a layout for PROMPT 01: Beachcomber July 10, 2019 is receiving not just the mini but also The Bucket. Along with an extra challenge. Everyone that plays along, completes the extra challenge, The Twist, will receive an extra prize on the last day of our LAD: Beachcomber!




Today everyone who posted a layout yesterday received their buckets. Every day of Beachcomber take one item from your daily prize and “add” it to your bucket. The goal is to fill those buckets! Think of it as virtual beachcombing.

Now, how do you fill those buckets? Manu, Manu Scraps, made it easy for us!

  1. Open the manu-b-LADbeachcombing-bonusbucket.tif file. This is the layered bucket.
  2. Select all three layers.
  3. Drag all three layers into the included bonus paper.

Now, simply repeat this process and drag an element of your choice into the bucket. I picked the lovely shell by PrelestnayaP Designs:

As a final step, reposition your shell just the way you want it and add a drop shadow. I used the following settings on my drop shadow:

  • Blend Mode = Multiply
  • Opacity = 30%
  • Angle = 120
  • Distance = 30 px
  • Spread = 0 px
  • Size = 50 px

I am very happy with my bucket & lone shell! Bring on day two.