Hi! Sonja here, with a short and (hopefully) sweet tutorial about making your word art look more “real” on a layout. We will try and make it look more like a part of the page, instead of  “floating” on top.

Often times, a kit or collections contains a set of word art in black, but that doesn’t always look good on your layout; especially when you use lighter colors for background and/or ellies.

Lets start with this paper from the The Hallow Eve Collab.

This paper has both light and dark areas, so I can show you the different effects that can be achieved.

Add a word art element to your page.

Because of the green tones of the background paper, I’m going to add a green solid paper, from the same collection and clip it to the word art as a layer mask (either press ALT and hover your mouse between the two layers, until you see an arrow, then click. OR right click on the green solid paper and press “create clipping mask”)

And now the fun starts!! Lets bring in the ‘ol blending modes!

I duplicated our word art with the solid paper 4 times and applied 4 different blending modes to each set. (make sure you select the word art layer, NOT the paper layer). The different blending modes I used, are:

  1. Luminosity
  2. Color burn
  3. Multiply
  4. Color Dodge

Each blending mode gives a different look and you can adjust, depending on what the rest of your layout looks like.

As always: don’t be afraid to play around! There’s always “undo”!

On my final layout I used the blending mode: Screen, and then lowered the opacity of the word art layer to about 60%.

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