Hello there! I’m still working in Affinity Photo for iPad for today’s post. I wanted to mention 4 ways to use the one function I’d wager most of us digi folks couldn’t live without: undo!

I used Sekada’s dreamy Spirit Animal bundle for this post.

Quick access to this function comes in quite handy, whether you’re a new user or a seasoned one.

How to undo in Affinity Photo for iPad
  1. Two-finger tap = Undo / Three-finger tap = Redo
  2. Tap and hold off the canvas >> Undo
  3. Undo / Redo arrows at the bottom of the Studios menu
  4. History Studio. This is a powerful tool to let you navigate back through the timeline of changes in your document.
Undo options in Photo

I hope this quick overview helps if you’re using Photo to create.

Thanks to folks stopping by the challenge in the forum. It’s been fun to see layouts and also to hear feedback on working on the iPad vs. a traditional laptop or desktop. Come join the challenge or just chime in – I’d love to see and hear more!