My world is a little brighter this week. We are off quarantine & walks are back on the table. On Tuesday I strode through the forest like Norm on parade. Remember Norm? From Cheers? That’s me.

Not that anyone in my village knows my name, outside of some parents & the local storekeep. But. As I’m waving and yelling “HALLO”, they are waving back & “Hallo’ing” me. I mix it up a little, we live in the South of Germany and the older generation prefers “Grüß Gott”. So I Grüß Gott them, or May God Bless You. I’ll say anything at this point just to hear another human speak to me outside of the confines of my home.

Because. It does feel like confinement. Especially after two weeks within my four walls. I’m doing my damndest to keep busy. So busy I can’t feel the confinement. I can’t feel the panic pushing in from all sides. Work helps. Running the LAD (Layout-a-Day) & the new CLI (Community Lock-In’s) are a blessing. Not just for all of you that get to play, but me with the coordination & all the extra contact with you, and my Design Team. I need it as much as you.

I’m also really busy sewing pocket masks. Pocket masks so filters can be inserted to make them more effective. Pocket masks because more & more research is showing masks help Slow This Beast Down. Pocket masks because I shared I can sew and now I have friends & family clamoring for my skills. Thank God. It’s good to be needed.

I’ve also got my first-ever Sourdough Starter started. I’m on day two. I’m anticipating a heavenly sourdough, like you can find on the wharfs in San Francisco. Nothing is tasting good right now. All I can think of is that sourdough. Wednesday cannot get here fast enough.

And I’m still doing Yoga. Every day! Not with the cat, but Dane has joined in. There’s still no pictures. There are pictures of my village take outside this week ❤︎