Hello! Ann here, raising my hand as another mask lover. I am truly a sucker for them and will use them with anything I can! Below I’ll show you how I created a layout in the Procreate app using both Clipping Masks and the Alpha Lock feature.

You can import your files within Procreate by tapping Actions (wrench) > Add > Insert a file/photo.

importing from within Procreate

One drawback to this method of importing is that you can only import one image or element at a time. If you import this way, choose the mask first, then the photo, then the frame. They’ll be in the correct layer order automatically, as Procreate stacks each one on top of the other.

Dragging and dropping images and elements from a floating Files screen can be a bit more efficient. On the Browse tab, you can tap Select and tap and drag multiple files at once. I wrote about how to use the iOS drag and drop feature here. Swipe right to dismiss the floating app screen. Swipe left from the right edge to access it again.

using drag and drop to import files

After your photo and mask are in place, tap once on the photo’s thumbnail in the Layers panel, and select Clipping Mask. This makes the photo conform to the mask’s shape.

Creating a clipping mask in Procreate

You can adjust the size and rotation of the photo and mask independently, which is helpful for quickly arranging mask and photo the way you want. Tap the arrow icon to transform. Use 2 fingers to pinch in or out to change the layer size. Twist two fingers to rotate. You can also use the corner handles to resize.

Transforming layers in Procreate

I repeated this step with another photo and a leaf stamp from the collection. I also used the recolor tool on one overlay to make it blue. I imported a second, black overlay and inverted the color to white from the Layers Panel menu.

Finally, I imported another stamp .png file and painted on it with an Alpha Lock in place. This is a masking technique that protects the alpha, or transparent, layer so it can’t be altered. To set this on, tap on the layer thumbnail and select Alpha Lock. Notice the checkerboard behind the layer thumbnail that shows Alpha Lock is set on.

Using Alpha Lock in Procreate

Quick Tip: you can also use a two-finger right swipe on a layer to invoke Alpha Lock.

Grab a paintbrush, select a color, set a size, and paint to re-color the stamp. With Alpha Lock on, there’s no coloring outside the lines!

Painting on a layer with Alpha Lock set on
Layout by Ann Morton using PrelestnayaP’s Keep Your Memories #18

For this page, I used items from Prelestnaya P’s newest Keep Your Memories collection.

PrelestnayaP’s Keep Your Memories Creative Box #18

I discuss how to use masks in Affinity Photo for iPad here.

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