Hey folks! I hope December is treating you kindly so far. The Studio’s Photo-a-Day event is in full swing. I’ve looked forward to seeing the daily prompts every morning this month. Thank you, Toiny, for putting this event together!

I decided to make a couple of festive wallpapers with my P-a-D images. This is the iPhone wallpaper I made with The Urban Fairy’s Day of Joy Collection + my photo for 12-16. Made in Affinity Photo for iPad.

I smile when I unlock my phone.

Urban Fairy Day of Joy Collection

If you’re like me, you’ve used your mobile phone for some of the P-a-D prompts. But – how do I resize my image for posting to The Studio Gallery if I don’t have image editing software on my device?

Here’s one solution for iPhone or iPad – create a shortcut! We’ll do this on iPad. The steps are the same on iPhone, but the iPad interface is better, to me.

Be sure to Turn ON iCloud Sync in Settings >> Shortcuts, so you’ll see it on other devices.

Open the Shortcuts app.

iPad background made with Urban Fairy’s Day of Joy Collection

Here is the a snapshot of steps to create the shortcut:

Here is the detailed version.

First, Tap the + at the top to add a new shortcut. Tap the 3 dots. Add a Shortcut Name, Turn ON Show in Share Sheet. Set Share Sheet Types to Images. Turn ON to Allow Access Cloud Locations.

From the list of categories, select Media.

Scroll down to find the Images heading, and choose Get Images from Input. Next tap Resize Image. After this step, we’ll select Convert Image to .jpeg (default).

I decided to use to a 1000 px width for resizing. You can choose another width or have it ask you each time. Height will scale proportionally.

Resize Image (choose size or Ask Each Time)

Choose Convert Image from the list. It defaults to JPEG, which is what you want. Tap the Show More button, and turn OFF Preserve Metadata.

Convert to JPEG, and turn OFF Preserve Metadata

Under the Scripting category, choose Set Name. Tap Converted Image to preserve the original file name. Add to the file name, if you’d like. I added the text “-1000”.

Finally, in the Documents category, select Save. This will save your resized, .jpeg, no-metadata image to the cloud service of your choice. Keep ON Ask Where to Save if you want to save in various folder locations.

Save Renamed file to cloud

Back in Photos, (or in other apps that handle image sharing), tap the arrow to share your photo. Scroll down and find your shortcut, tap and you’ll be prompted to choose a Cloud location for saving.

Hope you might find this helpful if you’re posting from your device.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!