Hi all, Silke here.

Today I will show you how to “tie a bow” around a bunch of long-stemmed flowers. Not only a bow, you can also choose to do the same technique with a ribbon or lace.

You will learn:

  • Cut out a small piece of a ribbon  or lace.
  • Use Burn Tool to darken the edges of the ribbon.
  • Add the Bow

Start by opening a new document in Photoshop. Add a background (optional). Now add 4 – 6 long stemmed flowers.

Create a flower bunch with a connection point of all the stems, like you would do it in real life! Follow along with this tutorial on how to create a long-stemmed flower bunch.

Cut out a small piece of the ribbon or lace.

Add a bow or ribbon to your document. A lace will also make a wonderful effect.

  • Select a small part of the ribbon using the selection tool
  • Go to menu bar; and
  • Choose Edit > Copy
  • Edit > Paste
  • Move this new, small, piece to cover the connection point.

Use Burn Tool to darken the edges of the ribbon.

Go to the Burn Tool and choose a small round soft brush. Paint along the edges with following settings:

  • soft round brush 175
  • Range: Midtones
  • Exposure 92%

This shadow on the edges of the ribbon gives us the impression that it is actually enveloping the flowers.
I also added a light shadow to the ribbon .

In my example here below I used some more pieces from the ribbon, using the cut-out parts from the original bow, to give it a wrapped effect.

This technique can be applied to a lace or bow, or even to different ribbons. Be creative. Make it your own!

For everything in this tutorial I used Flower Fields! Come and play with us! LAD!

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