Hi all, here is Silke.

We all love Word Arts. Using a beautiful font and adding a cute effect, this can make a big difference in your creations!

Here you will learn how to:

  • find a Free Font
  • add a Stroke to your text
  • add a special 3D Drop Shadow
  • convert to Smart Object

Open a new document in Photoshop.
Search for a beautiful font. We have some ideas for you here in our blog posts about fonts.
Let’s write one word in order to make this exercise. I decided to write the word Memories and used the font Pharosi, font size = 72. Check out this free font (we get nothing for sharing this with you) Now duplicate the text layer with the word of your choice. Select the original text layer below and add a white STROKE.

Then select the text layer on top and add a DROP SHADOW. Zoom in your document until 100% in order to view and check the size of your 3D effect that you want to achieve.

This is a special drop shadow that provides a slight 3D effect on the text.

Now convert your Word Art to a SMART OBJECT by selecting both layers and with the right click of the mouse select > convert to Smart Object.

Optional: feel free to add a thin shadow to this Word Art.

You can also use this technique for Alphas or ready-made word arts!

In the following layout I used this Word Art and everything else is from my kit and collection Flowers for Gisela.
The picture is from yesterday, when an old and dear friend came here to visit me. She is holding her lovely dog!