Hi all, here is Silke.

Coloring with gradients is a wonderful and easy way to color doodles!

You will learn:

  • Set 3 Gradient colors.
  • Apply Gradient to the Doodle

Start open any doodle in Photoshop that you want to apply gradient colors. I suggest you to download my free Doodle and Gradients at the end of this post.

Choose the GRADIENT Tool


Set the Gradient colors.

To display the Gradient Editor dialog box, click the current gradient sample in the options bar.

We will modify an existing gradient. Select the first one in the Presets section in the dialog box.
For our exercise we need 3 COLOR STOP points. These are the points below the gradient bar. Add or delete these points until you have only 3 points. See my picture here below.

Choose a color fill:
Double-click the color stop, or click the color swatch in the Stops section of the dialog box. Choose a color, and click OK.

Opacity Stops are the little squares above the gradient bar. In our case I choose these to be solids, so set it to 100% opacity for all points.

– APPLY GRADIENT to the Doodle

To fill the doodle, we have to select it. Otherwise, the gradient fill is applied to the entire active layer.
Select the outside of the doodle with the magic wand tool. Then invert this selection, and, in a new layer below the doodle flower, fill it with your gradient.
Determine the starting point in the center (press the mouse) and drag it to the ending point (release the mouse).

Select other areas from the doodle, create a new layer and apply gradient.

To achieve this coloring here below, I applied gradient by selecting different areas of the flower and changed the colors on the gradient tab for each layer.


Hope you like it and let me know if you have questions! Here is a video about this tutorial: https://youtu.be/31t1hEgxeCk

I just did a doodle shell pack for our Coordinated Collection HAWAII. Perfect to apply the gradient coloring skills! And this pack cost only $1 – on sale until May 28.

Here is a layout where I show you how the doodles in a layout can make a difference:

Visit my gallery here to be inspired!

With this freebie you will get also the Photoshop Gradient Presets that I used in our exercise! Install the Gradient Presets by open the Gradient Editor and chose LOAD:

DOWNLOAD the freebie.