With all the bright beautiful colors in the Big Moments Supersized Collection, who wouldn’t want to add a little bling to what we already have?  Today we’re going to visit an oldie but goodie – Clipping Masks – to take one of our elements and make it a golden moon in a whole new way.  All you need is the moon element from the May 17th mini from the LAD: Big Moments event, or any fairly flat element that you have in your stash, and the provided gold metallic sheet you can find in the forum from today’s challenge.

Open your moon element, and your metallic sheet in your program. 


Copy your metallic sheet or drag and drop it over your moon element, making sure it’s the top layer.  Here, you can resize your metallic sheet if you want the grain of the bling-y goodness to be smaller (I would not recommend making it larger so you don’t lose quality). 


Once you have the metal looking like you want to, make a clipping mask in your program by right clicking on your metal layer in the layers panel, and selecting “Create Clipping Mask.” 


Voila!  Now we have a shiny, golden moon in a whole new way – what a terrific way to stretch your stash, especially with flat elements. 


You can take this even further by playing with the opacity and/or blend modes of your metal layer, or adding a bevel and emboss to your moon layer to give it a little bit of an edge.  I’ve included a few examples to show you how I played around with those options, too.




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