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reblog: What are Layer Groups in Photoshop?

Think of a Layer Group as a "folder" within your Layers Panel. Once you create a Group, you will see a Folder Icon in your Layers Panel. Within that folder will be the images that you included when you created it.

reblog: How to Use Layer Masks

A Layer Mask allows you to control the level of transparency on a layer. It differs from controlling the level of a layer's transparency by using the Opacity Slider, in that the Opacity Slider will raise or lower the opacity of the entire layer; while you may control the opacity of selected areas on a layer with the use of a Layer Mask

reblog: Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop

Last week we learned about the Spot Healing Brush. (Using the Spot Healing Brush). Today let's look at the Healing Brush Tool. With the Spot Healing Brush, you do not need to select a sampled area before using the brush. You just stamp down on the area you would like to repair. With the Healing Brush, a sampled area is required.

Clearing the Preset Manager (and a personal note)

Two weeks ago, we talked about How to quickly Locate a Photoshop Brush.  Faith A. left a comment asking,  "Do you know if there (is) a way to clear the brush options? I have so many brushes it only goes up to the "s" named ones. "

Digital Scrapbooking Day Good News and Clues

For me, Digital Scrapbooking Day has always been about the special sale prices that most stores offer.  But while reading the article noted above I gained a broader perspective of the day.

Basic Paper Making in Photoshop, Part 2

Last week's tutorial was Part 1 of a 2-Part answer to Debbie Rucker's question on how to make a "background paper from beginning to end."  Basic Paper Making in Photoshop. Today let's add a pattern to the textured paper we created last week. This is the base paper we created in last week's tutorial.

Basic Paper Making in Photoshop

Several weeks ago we asked you, our readers, to send in your tutorial requests. Today we will answer the request of Debbie Rucker who asked how to make a "background paper from beginning to end."

How to Create a Pattern in Photoshop

We love it when our readers let us know what they want to learn! This week Pixel Palette requested a refresher on how to create patterns in Photoshop, and we are happy to accommodate her request.

How to Reduce Wrinkles with Photoshop

I love this photo of my granddaughter, Emily, and belated mother-in-law, Fran.  Fran was in her early 80's when this photo was taken and didn't like that everyone could see her wrinkles.  Let's look at a way to reduce these wrinkles for her using Photoshop.

Using the Color Replacement Tool

Today let's take a look at another way to recolor, using the Color Replacement Tool. This tool allows you to replace the original color of an image with the foreground color of your choice.

Choosing a Color outside Photoshop

Do you find yourself looking at images online and just falling in love with a particular color? Whether it is in an article of clothing, on a scrapbook page, or in a Pinterest post, you WANT that color!

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