The most exciting part of our week is about to happen.  Tess starts horseback riding lessons today.  I was an avid horseback rider my whole childhood, into my teens and even as a young adult.  I only stopped when we got to 4 kids.  Four boys.  I think it says it all LOL.
I’m hoping this is something Tess loves as much as I did.  Not just to have something to share with her, though of course that is part of it, but so that she feels some of that same joy, that same freedom, that same magic peace when she rides.
Since I have no photos of her on horseback, and these are my favorite photos of the last couple of weeks, I leave you with Cole and the goat.  At the zoo two weeks ago Cole liked the chickens best.  So we had to walk all the way to the end of the zoo to see the chickens.  At the end of the zoo was also the schaubauernhof, aka petting zoo.  The animals get to choose, via holes in the fence just their size, if they want to come out & be petted.  Pretty ingenious really. 
All I saw was goats with big horns, so there was NO way I was going in (I have a big fear of goats.  With horns.)  Of course this meant Cole went in immediately.  He tried to get food out of the goat-food vending machine, it didn’t work.  However, devil goat did not know this.