As the mom, scrapper and family photographer it’s very rare that there is actually a picture of me.  Unless it’s me during birth.  So not my favorite shot.  Other than that, I’m most always behind the camera.  Luckily we have another family over here that not only likes us, but that carries around a camera.  And there is, today, a rare picture of me not giving birth but rather enjoying time with my birthlings.
Last weekend we had a gorgeous day at a local-ish, less than an hour away, castle.  I completely forgot, with very good reason, to take a shot of the whole awesomeness after leaving.  If you have time google it: Burg Hohenzollern.  The shots of it perched on top of the uber-strategic mountain are breathtaking.  Well worth a google, well worth a day trip.
Very lazily we took the shuttle up the mountain from the parking lot, primarily because the bathroom at the base was out of order, but still.  Yet after exploring the outside, the basement, the level, after level of castle majesty, and then walking down… my legs were total jello.  Shake at the knee, barely hold me up jello.  Thank God for little bladders and shuttles.
Cole amazed me at the statue of the king; “I bet that’s Konig Friedrich!”  I was so proud of him for paying attention during history.  His new country’s history at that.  Until we hit the next statue, and the next, and the next.  Turns out all the kings of Prussia were named Friedrich.  Hmmmph.
Dane spent the day climbing every wall.  Castles have a lot of foot & toe holds.  I am never, ever dressing him in a spiderman shirt again.