As the official memory keeper of our family, I not only do all the scrapping (despite Tess & Dane’s mess-making) but also 99% of the photography.  That means I’m rarely actually in the picture.  This week I needed a family photo as part of our big blog redesign. 
So for the very first time I pushed the buttons on my camera to find the auto-timer.  It was easy!  It worked magnificently!  All photo’s may now have me in them. Um, after I get a tri-pod, and light reflectors, and filters….
The hard part is actually getting more than 2 or 3 of my family in the same spot at the same time.  Especially with the two oldest, Soren and Nicholas, in the states.  I picked a day with great light, I’m very much into natural light at the moment, and the kids I had home at the time.
How I wish I’d had all six kids and Dave home!  Maybe it wouldn’t have turned out quite so well with seven people to focus on, but I am really happy with the clarity and light I got that day.  I do know that next time all six kids are home, I’m dragging out my new-found auto-timer skills and getting a full Westberry Family photo!