A quick little note today, poor Dane has another tummy bug.  Kindy is not treating him kindly.  In happier news, yesterday I had a girls morning out.  Together with two friends, I went strawberry picking!  This is something I’ve done many, many times before.  Always with my kids.  Mostly in California.  It’s what I consider a “kid” activity.

Still, when my girlfriend invited me to go strawberry picking, and I clarified it was just adults, I was so in!  I love any excuse to go out and do stuff in the German countryside.  Sadly it wasn’t perfect.  It was slightly overcast so no perfect photo op (LOL).  Even sadder, but not really, it started to rain and thunder 20 minutes into our picking.

When we first got there we had our buckets weighed, then out to the field we went.  I saw some lovely people, already picking fruit, and I asked how the berries were.  A little small, they said.  Nothing special, they said.  Then they switched to English and I felt right at home.  I started to hunker down next to them, make some new friends as I picked my berries. 

However, the quite hunky young man running the field informed me I was doing it wrong.  I must start at the beginning, as marked by the red & white barricade tape, in my own row, and pick only in my assigned row.  Upon further understanding, I must pick the whole row I was assigned.  It was a really, really long row!  By the time the heavens burst open my bucket was half full, more than enough for the 6 small jars of jam I had planned to make.  And I was more than happy to bow out of picking my own, incredibly long, row.