It’s my birthday! Somehow I got to be 44 years old, I’m not sure how. In my mind I’m still 20, just don’t tell my hips, they think they are 60. There are mornings when I look in the mirror and what I think my eyes should be seeing, isn’t there. It’s weird to be me, yet not be me. Getting older is definitely an adventure.

The kids were very excited this morning, I got lots of hugs, kisses and knuffles (cuddles). Enough that that was really all I truly needed. But Dane’s little face shone with excitement:

“Now you can do your birthday cooking!” Uh? What? Birthday cooking? What is he talking about? What did I cook, for who’s birthday, that would make him shine like that when it’s oh-dark-thirty? He’s really not a morning person.

Feeling a little perturbed that I’d have to cook, and cook something I was clueless about, I followed my gang into the dining room. I was greeted by a mound of presents! Considering that my birthday is usually by & large passed over, being the birthday bug is great for everyone else, not so much for me, I was not just excited but giggly, happy-dance excited.

I know it’s a little gauche to share a big haul, but it’s more than look-what-I-got, it’s that they remembered, and kept it all a secret, and the giving made them so incredibly happy too. It was a really, really good morning. A good morning that was made even better when I opened up the big one and it was a German, 220V, Kitchenaid mixer! I have missed mine so, so much.

Plus, it explained Dane’s ‘birthday cooking’. Always a good start to any day with all mysteries solved.