Project 365: May {Kit} by Digilicious Designs is an ongoing Collection of resources to help you document your everyday moments.

By documenting our lives  through photographs, words and creative expression, we can preserve the memories and give future generations the opportunity to share our life – not just the happy times, but an insight into what it is like to be ‘us’.

So whether you want to follow the Project 365 religiously and take daily photographs, or whether you want to complete weekly or monthly summaries, or just the odd page now and then, here is a Collection that has everything you need!

The month of May is all about you and your ‘oasis’. Where do you go to find your piece of paradise? It could be real, like a vacation destination, or somewhere you take your mind to when the occasion calls for it. How do you enjoy alone time? This collection is also perfect for documenting family holidays, trips to the beach and tropical get-a ways!

And a little frame cluster freebie for you today, Enjoy!!!