Today I have a little confession to make – you see, I have a problem. A big problem. It turns out, I have a sweet tooth. A very, very sugary sweet tooth. Let me tell you just how very sweet my tooth is.

We were in the Costco yesterday and I smelled the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies baking somewhere in the store. Big sniff. I’ve gotta find those cookies I say. So Andy, whom I was with, kindly asks an employee where those delicious smelling cookies might be. Smiling, she points us to the back of the store, towards the bakery. In my mind, I knew this was fools gold – she was pointing us to where they sell the cookies, not where the delicious warm samples would be. But I went along anyway.

As we neared the back of the store, the smell started to dissipate. Andy noticed it too. No, this isn’t it I said. He urged me to give it a chance. Just check it out he said. So I did. But no, no cookies, no delicious smell of fresh baked chocolate goodness. We huddled – ok, here’s what we’ll do Andy says. You have your phone? Yes I say. Ok, you go down one side of the store, I’ll go down the other and if one of us finds the cookies, we’ll call the other, got it? Yup. So off we go on a mission to track down the aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  

Did we find it? Oh yes, we found it! But it wasn’t quite the discovery we were hoping for. You see, it turns out the wonderful aroma was coming from a very large air vent in the ceiling on aisle 8. There were no cookies on aisle 8; just microwaves and toaster ovens.

 So you see, when I say I have a sweet tooth, I do indeed have quite a penchant for sweets! That’s why when I show you this new kit Sweetums from Snickerdoodle Designs, you can appreciate why I’m so in love – it’s all about sweets! In Sweetums, you’ll find cherry reds and apple greens, light chocolate, dark chocolate, and jelly bean blues! There are cookies and ribbons, lollipops and ice cream, flowers and mint sprigs, and even a jellybean pie! Here, have a look:

Isn’t it decadent? Now I know that not everybody has a sweet tooth like I do, but there are truly so many “sweets” in life – from your sweetheart to your sweet baby, from sweet memories to sweet treats.  Sweetums Karen says, was designed to help you capture the memories of the “sweets” in your life.

I’ve shown you the page kit, and I’ll share some inspiration from theStudio gallery below, but be sure you check out Snickerdoodle Design’s shop as well, because in addition to the page kit, you’ll also find glitter styles, kraft papers, sorbet papers, an alpha set, a border/cluster set, and as always, the collection bundled. If you scroll all the way down, you’ll find a freebie to download too! Just click on the preview.

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