Have you ever been so busy that you can’t remember if you’re busy or not? These days, that’s my MO. I have so many things on my mind that from moment to moment, I’m not entirely sure whether there is something I am supposed to be doing or not. I’ve even started emailing people to ask if I’m supposed to be doing something for them lol. The truth is I’m not that busy, I just feel busy a lot of the time. It’s funny how the brain plays little tricks on you like that.

As a result of my ‘busy perception,’ creating layouts (which I really enjoy doing) has been put on the back-burner recently, especially now that the holidays are here. My time is occupied with trees that need decorating, lights to be hung, cookies to bake, and gifts to get. Of course, all of this holly jolly means lots of photos and I’m really starting to wonder what I’ll do with them all come January. If I’m ever going to make it through my 2012 photo stacks, I’ll need something quick and easy to keep me on track. Cue ABC’s.

Have you seen Karen’s new ABC’s collection, The ABC’s of Life? It’s a classic album set that you can embellish in any way you choose, from super simple to ultra elegant. The collection includes templates, backgrounds, dividers, alphas, quotes, and titles that you mix and match to create your album pages. You can use it as is or combine with other kits in your stash. It’s an album in an hour Karen says.  I, of course, thought she was joking.

As it happens, she was not, and the ABC’s of Life has been so popular that Karen was asked by several customers after seeing the ABC’s of Life collection to create a Christmas edition (this is the point my ears perked up). Much like the ABC’s of Life, the ABC Quick Album Christmas edition is designed so that you can make an album of holiday photos in an hour if you choose. The best part? Not only can you put your photo stacks on hold and deck the halls this Christmas season, you can use your new Christmas goodies next month when things settle down into more of a silent night type of atmosphere too (if you’re looking for gift suggestions, see here and here)!

You can find Snickerdoodle Designs’ The ABC Quick Album Christmas edition here at theStudio. Just click on the preview below. You’ll find the entire collection at 55% off, and the alpha, backgrounds, dividers, templates, titles, and quotes at 30% off for the next 2 weeks.

Hoping to see an example of how this collection can be used? Check out this page by Norma (combining the collection with All Wrapped Up):

Norma was also kind enough to send over a little freebie for you to download.  Thanks Norma!

Enjoy your week!