Do you ever wake up early on a Saturday morning, look out the window and see the sun yellow and bright against a clear blue sky and say to yourself ‘what a perfect day to spend outside in my yard?’ As spring meanders in between occasional April showers, I find myself in this position now and then. I’m not usually an early riser I admit, but on days like this, I make an exception.

Just a few weeks ago, I got up bright and early and put on my “dirt clothes.” I filled a thermos with ice water and set up an extension cord with a floor fan to blow cool air on my garden bed as I worked (tip: the fan is a great way to keep cool while working in the sun). I got out my garden gloves, pinned my hair back, and plopped myself down in front of a flower bed full of weeds. For a couple of hours, I picked and pulled and scraped. I culled the bed of weeds and covered it in hazelnut shells (great ground cover that keeps the slugs out). Then, I filled the bed with hostas and Magic Carpets, flowering currants and hebes.

Soon, tulips started to emerge and the wildflower seeds I spread last year began to poke through the surface. The result was spectacular! Some time later, I arrived home from a long day at work and noticed that my currant was draped in glorious pink blooms. Behind it, a bushy plant whose name I do not know covered in cotton white flowers. I spotted my camera sitting on the center console of my car; I couldn’t resist. It was one of those spring photo opportunities that just can’t be missed.

While my photos are still on the camera, I am determined that the next chance I get I’m going to create a layout to show them off. I know just the kit for it, too. Spring Photos Ops by Snickerdoodle Designs was created specifically for photos like these; the ‘can’t miss’ moments of springtime.

What sort of spring photo opportunities have you encountered this year? An Easter Egg extravaganza perhaps? Or maybe a family portrait in the park? Check out these examples of photo ops captured and scrapped by other scrappers in theStudio gallery:

Whatever your photos ops may be, I think you’ll agree, this kit will help you scrap them! If you’ve got lots of photo ops to scrap, check out the extras too and complete the collection. In addition to the kit, you’ll find solids, border papers, clusters, glitters, and an alpha set all at 30% off in Snickderdoodle Designs’ shop. Or, grab the whole collection for 55% off.

To get you started, I’ve put together a frame for you to download using the Spring Photo Ops collection. Just click to download. I can’t wait to see your photos in the gallery!

***Download No Longer Available***

Photo ops freebie