Today, we’re going to learn how to use a Quick Page. Not only how to add your photos, but also how to add a little extra to make it your own! And, I even have a FREEBIE for you too!

Let’s get started! First, you will want to open up your quick page and the photos you are using. The quick page I’m using today has spots for 2 photos.



Next, choose the first photo and drag it onto your quick page. Then move it so it is under the quick page layer.



See those lines around the border of the photo? Use the corners to resize the photo to fit the opening. Hold shift while sizing down, and move it around until it’s where you want it.


Repeat this same process with your additional images.



At this point, you could be done. It’s a pre-decorated page, your photos are in it and it looks good!


But, I want to add a title and the date to my page. I am going to use an Alpha to add a title, mix it with some fonts and add the date in too!

I found an alpha I liked (this came free in last week’s Digital Scrapbooking Studio newsletter and coordinates with Nibbles Skribbles Winter Woodland collection, the same kit the page was made from).  But, you can use any alpha from your stash!



I dragged the letters I needed onto my page, arranged them and added a drop shadow to them. Next, I’m going to add a bit to the title with a font. I chose the font I wanted, used my color picker to choose a color from the page, a nice red, and typed my words. I then lowered the opacity of the font layer a little (to 75%) so that you could see some of the texture through the words.



I added 2 words to the title, as well as the date the photos were taken, and my page is finished. In just a few steps, and a total of maybe 10 minutes I have a stunning page that is customized and ready for my album!




Give it a try, just for you, here is the Quick Page I used in this tutorial, it’s created with Winter Woodland by Nibbles Skribbles – which is part of theStudio Coordianted collection and is just $1 per pack until the 15th! Just click the image to download your gift!