Custom Collection Sundays

It’s time for Custom Collection Sundays. Yay! This is my favorite part of any week.

What is a Custom Collection Sundays? It is a chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request.

This week I have a brand new Custom Collections Sunday winner to pick, and a fun finished Custom Collection to show off!  On February 8Kathy H, won her Custom Collection request from Julie C Designs.

My husbands hobbies are scuba diving and chess. I would love to see a kit with either as a focus. I have found bits and pieces in other kits for family games or under water but not much to work with. I apologize if this is a duplicate request, I am having trouble with the captcha and getting comment submitted. Thanks, you have wonderful designers.

Introducing the beautiful new Scuba Man:

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I very much appreciated the slightly less specific requests. It is easier to get those completed than once with complex, specific elements. Continue to ask me something fun! Ask me something in your favorite color! Or favorite colors! Request flowers, winter or love, and let’s see who I can make happy next. And go ahead & try with something a little more specific. I know there were some great ideas out there that can be fulfilled! Give it another go?

Some of my favorite requests last week:

I would love to see a kit for the mid south. I relocated to South Carolina 27 years ago and still love it. We have flowers year round — crepe myrtle and a thousand others in the summer and fall, camellias in the winter, and we know spring is here to stay when the dogwoods shower us with petals as pretty as a gentle snowfall. We even have 1-2 days of snow each winter–just enough to love! I live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and I would love to see a spring kit that emphasizes dogwoods and views of the Smokies. Just some ideas to include: azaleas in every shade of pink and purple, or any rhododendron, the beautiful little churches scattered everywhere. Not all are white clapboard. Here in Clemson we have the unique Old Stone Church where so many people are married every year. Another vision, the great little lakes created by the TVA to bring electric power to small communities in the mid nineteenth century. And, omg, the music! Banjos and dulcimers and foot tapping and maybe a little bit of white lightning passed between friends. We are so much more than what Hollywood portrays. And this is what I would love to see in a kit. Thank you for your consideration.

From: Cully

I would love to see a collection representing ancient Egypt, ranging from Cleopatra to the pyramids and more.
Thanks so much!!

from: Andie

As always, I can only pick one winner. Our winner this week is: Sonya!

I have been a Master Gardener for 18 years. Needless to say, I have thousands of pictures of us doing our thing as well as the flowers, plants and gardens that we work to improve. We prune, plant, weed & share our knowledge. I would love to have a kit that has all the tools we use, perhaps bags of fertilizer, a garden hose, a wheel barrel, stacks of pots, gloves and perhaps a fountain or raised beds. You might even throw in a worm or two, butterflies and of course birds.

from: Sonya

Congratulations Sonya! We are already hard at work on your request.
Very important note: I will post a new winner every week, however, please do not expect your Custom Collection to be ready within a week. Scrapbooking Collections take time, and that time varies by Designer. Some of our team are full-time designers, others are part-time. Some are new mommies with littles at home, and others are Grandmothers. Some of us are both.

I cannot wait to see the requests this week, please post away your biggest wishes in the comments below. Comments are open to everyone. New comments, and repeat comments are welcome. I will post a new winner next week!