DSD is this coming weekend (stay tuned for awesome sales!) and that means full time computer watching and no time to cook. If you’re not a pizza ordering/fend for yourself kind of house – or if you just want to impress the family with your ability to scrap and shop all day AND get an amazing dinner on the table – check out these recipes. I (Nibbles Skribbles) have made them all, they are all super easy, super delicious and they are all prep ahead/slow-cooked meals so you don’t even have to get up until dinner time! So, pick your favorites and make sure you have what you need, because come Saturday – you’ll want to be hanging out right here at Digital Scrapbooking Studio!

Tater Tot Egg Bake from Mess for Less


Nibbles Notes: This is a favorite, not only when we want breakfast for dinner, but anytime I have to bring something to a brunch. You can make it up ahead of time (even the day before – just wait to put the tots on top until you’re ready to bake). Because of the tots, this is a super filling dish and you don’t even need anything else to go with it. Not a fan of sausage? Leave it out or try a replacement. I’ve used chopped, cooked bacon, chopped and sauteed vegetables, or just a couple extra eggs as variations!

Pesto Ranch Chicken from Picky Palate


Nibbles Notes: This one smells so cooking! The recipe says to serve it with potatoes, but we serve with pasta (usually rotini) because the kids eat that better – and the sauce is delicious! If you like to eat the chicken skin, I suggest browning it before tossing in the crock pot, and feel free to throw in chicken drumsticks too! Any bone-in chicken works well!

Spicy (or not) Dr. Pepper Pork from The Pioneer Woman


Nibbles Notes: Did I mention I have kids? Spicy does not work for us – but, this recipe is fabulous even if you hold the adobo peppers. My husband throws a little hot sauce (Smoked Tabasco) on top of his ‘taco’ when he makes it. We top with red pepper, tomato, sour cream, cheese and cilantro (if I have it around). The leftovers of this one are even better!

Taco Soup from Nibbles Skribbles


Nibbles Notes: Other than browning some ground beef (or turkey, or chicken, whatever you like) this recipe is so easy! Open a few cans, pour into a pot and ignore until it’s time to eat. My kids love this, adults love this! Grab some tortilla chips or cornbread to enjoy with it! 

I love quick and easy recipes, if you have some good ones, link me up in the comments! And keep your eyes on theStudio blog, forum, and Facebook page for all of our amazing DSD deals coming your way!