Every quarter, every 3 months, our Design Team gets together to create a Coordinated Collection that lets you build the collection of your dreams!  Each designer works with the same color palette, the same theme, in their style.  That gives you full freedom of choice to get just what you need, in the style you love!

We are getting read to release our Winter 2016 collection in January.  That means it’s time to make room for the new by getting rid of the old! It’s that time of year.  Now through December 31, you can find our Coordinated Collection: Winter Wedding on final clearance for 75% off!

Vero_WW_kit_pv2  manu-b-winterwedding-kit-image Studio4-Winter-Wedding-Shabby-600 valentina-elements-winterweddingldw-WinterWedding-kit-600

And that’s just a few of the choices that you have, be sure to go check out the whole Winter Wedding Coordinated Collection.

And here’s a little freebie for you using Lara’s Digi World’s portion of the collection, enjoy!!!