I love holiday decorations, I love decorating and I love seeing them. The day after Thanksgiving, I dig out all of my buckets and bins of decorations, pack up some of my regular stuff and deck the halls!

I have a lot of fun candle holders on my mantle, white lights woven in garlands and sparkly goodies sprinkled around! The first thing I do every morning is click the button that turns on the lights, pour a cup of coffee and take it in. It’s a magical time! (Yep, it’s still dark when I wake up, usually around 4:30 or 5 in the morning)!


This candle tree is a new one this year, I just love the height it gives and the warm glow from the candles!






I love the santa hat on my dad’s clock, and the jars of ornaments! And my fat sparkly owl just makes me happy!

This wreath gets decorated a little different every year. Next year, I plan to incorporate lights, but I hate cords, and battery powered ones don’t last as long….notice, another owl tucked in (I love owls!)!


This guy is new too! I know he’s supposed to be an owl with reindeer antlers, but we pretend he’s a moose! My husband collects moose, I collect owls – he’s perfect!


And this fun shelf, the kids love colored lights (I’m not a fan) so their mini trees get colorful lights and hang out with santa (and another owl) high on a shelf where they can’t be messed with!


So, there you have it. A little tour of some of my fun holiday decorations! I would love to see some of yours! Please, post a link to a photo in the comments, share them on our Facebook Page or even email me! (Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, or, even one you’ve already celebrated – I want to see them all!)