It happens once every 4 years – we are given the gift of an extra day! 2016 is a Leap Year – and Monday, February 29 is the perfect day to do something different and fun!

So, with that in mind – I came up with 29 ideas of things to do on Leap Day! Do you have any more fun ideas? Share them in the comments, and then get to work planning your Leap Day activities so come next Monday, you’re ready to Leap!

  1. Leap! Take pictures of everyone jumping high into the air!
  2. Create a fun tradition! Maybe it’s breakfast for dinner, dessert first,  a special treat during the day or a fun activity you don’t usually do. Make it your Leap Year tradition, something fun you only do once every 4 years!
  3. Make a time capsule (to be opened on a future Leap Day)
  4. Play a game of leap frog
  5. Set up a long jump and see who can leap the farthest
  6. Learn about animals that leap, jump or pounce!
  7. Practice your math skills by listing out the last several leap years, and the next several. Figure out how old you’ll be on the different future leap days!
  8. Create your own leap day trail mix that has 29 ingredients
  9. Jump rope
  10. Go to the dentist (just kidding, but that’s on our calendar this year and we’ll enjoy the fact that we get to go on such a unique day) or tackle another task that might be fun to tell people “I did ____ on Leap Day”
  11. Do some frog crafts. Origami Frogs or these Foam Cup Frogs are cute!
  12. Catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
  13. Drop off Leap Day snacks or surprises at neighbors houses. Use one of these free printables to decorate
  14. Make Frog Sandwiches for Lunch
  15. Make Frog Hats
  16. Fill in an All About Me sheet like this or this
  17. Do things 29 times. (Jumping Jacks, turning the lights on and off, giving kisses etc)
  18. Sign up for a class to learn something new
  19. Do something for charity
  20. Dye your hair a crazy color (temporary dye is OK)
  21. Buy something crazy (hey, it’s a once-every-four-years chance)!
  22. Take the day off and have a movie marathon!
  23. Share 29 selfies on Social Media of yourself enjoying leap day!
  24. Take a Leap of Faith – don’t be afraid of whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do!
  25. Make a bucket list/life list of 29 things you want to do.
  26. Go bungee jumping or sky diving (the ultimate leaps)!
  27. Face a fear!
  28. Scrap 29 Layouts or one layout with 29 pictures!
  29. Do something different!

And, regardless of how you celebrate Leap Day, be sure to document your memories!