Charmed by the notes of music in the air, Le Café in Paris, I long to be there.  A mixture of vintage, old things gently aged, the menu a bit tattered, softly stained by the sage.  Sipping warm tea, or a glass of Champagne, English ivy perks up from a soft morning rain.  Immersed in the memories of a long ago time, the tower still leaning… the daydream… sublime.
Cafe in Paris is a Studio Designer coordinated collection.  Save 75% on these coordinating products but you have to shop before the end of the month before they are gone.


Take a look at some of the great layouts using parts of this collection.

This one uses LouCee Creations portion.


This one is from ADB Designs portion.


Nibbles Skribbles


Valentina’s Creations


I’ve used part of Nibbles Skribbles’ Cafe in Paris for this stacked paper for you today, Enjoy!!!