I am Catholic. I am straight. I am conservative. This is not about me. It is about hate. Anger. Unacceptance. Violence. Tragedy. Division. All horrible words.  All incapable of describing the horrors of Sunday morning.

It is time to come together in love. To stand together, hand-in-hand, all sexes, races, religions, nations. All people.

Not to point fingers, or Monday-morning quarterback. Not to fight with one another. To accuse. To hold ourselves high. To trumpet our values. Our believes. Our religion as “right”. We must stand together in love, embrace those hurt, lost, broken and begin the healing.  Only by standing together can this world straighten itself and become whole once again.

The problem lies in each of us.  The problem is a human problem. It is time to start acting human again. My heart and my prayers are with everyone hurt by hate.

The Studio is a small company. Tiny in a sea of multi-national corporations, many of which are doing amazing things for those affected by the tragedy in Orlando, including (but not limited to): Chick-fil-A; Jet Blue; Pulse Go Fund Me; Red Cross (donate blood) and more! We cannot hope to accomplish what they accomplish. What we can do is show our support.

We can help you show your support.  Together with Manda, Nibbles Skribbles, I’ve created a quick, easy, free Facebook Picture Filter to show your support. Simply click to download the free Facebook Picture Filter *HERE*; and:

  1. Open your square Facebook Profile Picture in PSE or photoshop CS (my size is 6″ X 6″, 72 dpi)
  2. Slide the free Facebook Picture Filter above your Profile Picture
  3. Save as a flat JPG file
  4. Go to your Facebook Profile
  5. Click on the transparent camera icon in the bottom left of your Facebook Profile Picture: Update Profile Picture
  6. Click on Upload Picture; upload your new Facebook Picture with Filter
  7. You can now adjust the size, or Save and be done

Note: You can choose to make this a temporary profile picture:

  1. Before hitting Save; click on Make Temporary and choose:
    • 1 hour
    • 1 day
    • 1 week
    • Indefinitely
    • Custom
  2. Once your designated temporary profile picture time expires, Facebook will automatically revert to your current profile picture. It is that easy.

Start with your square Facebook profile photo. You can scale it to size in Facebook.


Add our FREE filter created using Nibbles Skribbles: Hand In Hand Collection


Simply save your file as a flat JPG to use as your Facebook profile photo. It is that easy.


You can easily, and temporarily, update your Facebook Profile Picture by clicking on the small, transparent, camera icon.


Click on “Upload Photo” to add your new Facebook Picture with filter.


You can now scale, save or “Make Temporary” for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, forever or even set a custom time period!

I created this quick, easy, filter for your Facebook picture using Nibbles Skribbles Hand In Hand Collection. In honor of all those who lost their lives to the senseless tragedy in Orlando, the Hand In Hand kit is FREE the entire month of June. No other purchase is required.


The Hand In Hand kit is FREE all of June!

Manda is the face behind Nibbles Skribbles and we give her a big shout-out & thank you for gifting this wonderful kit FREE! Thank you Manda!