Do you admire the way some shadows just make an image POP off the page?  It’s something you can easily recreate in photoshop yourself!  Ready? I’ve got a quick, fun, easy tutorial for you today, with a little freebie tucked in at the end.
Note: This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Photoshop and the Layers Palette

  1. Open a background paper
  2. Add your photo on a new layer
  3. Add an inside white stroke to frame your photo:
  4. Add a drop shadow to your photo:
  5. In order to manipulate the shadow to POP, go to your Layers Palette–> right-click on the fx symbol next to your photo layer and click Create Layers
  6. Leave the Inner Stroke clipped to your photo
  7. Click on the Drop Shadow layer under your photo
  8. Go to Edit–>Transform–>Warp
  9. Gently drag each bottom corners down with your mouse to get the desired POP effect with your drop shadow

You can now adjust the opacity of the shadow in your Layer Palette, or even add more blur: Filter–>Blur–>Gaussian Blur to get just the look you want for  your POP drop shadow.


Start with your image on a background paper. This is my mom in Fátima, the paper is from the free Blog Hop mini in May.


Add an inner border in the Layers Palette in white, as fat or as thin as you like!


Add a drop shadow in your Layers Palette. You can experiment with size, blurriness & darkness now or later.

In your Layers Palette right click on your image with the “fx” and choose Create Layer.


Use the warp tool on your new drop shadow layer to drag down both bottom corners for the POP effect.


You can lighten the shadow in the Layers Palette by reducing the Fill or Opacity.

Photoshop Elements does not have the warp feature. You can achieve similar results by using the Liquify Tool and distorting a black layer underneath your photo’s.  In the meantime, you can download a free copy of my POP shadow frame (layered TIF file only):



Click Image to download & enjoy a layered POP shadow frame!