I’m pretty technologically savvy. I can run apps, I get Social Media, I can figure things out – but there is one thing I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around and that is Snapchat. Basically, this app allows you to snap photos and share them – but after they are viewed, they go away. You can also share with all of your followers for 24 hours, and again – they go away. The concept is fun, you get to see something without it taking up storage space – but you can’t go back to it, can’t revisit – the moment and the memory is gone. But, that’s not the point of this post!

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine convinced me to download Snapchat, not for the messaging part of it, but for the camera filters. And, oh, am I glad she did! This app provides the kids and I HOURS of entertainment! You turn on the filters and it finds your face – then it adds entertaining filters that are bound to make you smile, laugh or jump in fear!

I am not a big selfie person, but, with these filters I can’t help but open the app daily to see what new ones are available (some of the filters change on a daily basis). So, if you’re looking to give yourself a little giggle, or need something to entertain the kids/grandkids/husbands – give it a try! If you do (or, if you already have), I’d love to see some of your favorite goofy images! Here are a few of ours!

IMG_4204 IMG_4361 IMG_4599 IMG_4748 IMG_4755