If there are kids invited to your Thanksgiving, keeping them entertained before, during and after the meal can prove to be a challenge. Kids don’t tend to sit quietly for hours on end – and parents want to be able to enjoy their meal without constantly tending. So, providing a few activities to keep them entertained is a must! Here are some ideas I have pulled together!

  1. Paper Tablecloth or placemats with crayons. Kids aren’t usually allowed to color on the table, so providing them with this activity is new, exciting and fun! They can draw pictures, or find one they can color in with activities printed on it (I have seen them in the dollar section at Target this year). A box of crayons (a superior choice to markers – regardless of age – due to the mess and caps) and you’ve got instant entertainment! I found some free printable placemats if you’re interested
  2. What are you thankful for activities. I really like this idea of using Pick Up Sticks (a game) to talk about what you’re thankful for! Kerplunk or Candyland (or any game that uses colored items for play) would work!
  3. Shooting Turkey’s Game – my boys would LOVE this and it would keep them entertained for a long time (until they started shooting each other….)
  4. A similar game, which would be equally fun – Stuff the Turkey!
  5. A craft project is always fun! I really like these feather necklaces – I think kids of all ages could enjoy (and do) this one!
  6. Or, what about a dessert or snack project? Kids love to eat what they make! Something as easy as decorating sugar cookies (a can of frosting works great for sprinkles and other decorations to stick to) or, here is a whole list of other ideas too!

Of course, if all else fails you can pop in a movie (or a Thanksgiving themed show like Charlie Brown), or set them up with toys in another room! How do you entertain the kids at the holidays?