Why Art Journal? Because. It is a outlet. It is therapy. It is creative. It is whatever you need. It is whatever I need. Art Journaling is a wonderful medium of expression in all it’s forms. There are no rules, there is no right way, it just is. Delve in and take it for a test drive. Have your only goal today putting you on your screen. Putting you on paper. The you of today, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Today.

Who are you today?

Artful Marks is a series that started when I had an idea of pulling artsy paint, patterns and other bits together to begin a new creative series.  This is Artful Marks No5, the fifth in the series.  This set has the same general theme as the original and subsequent Artful Marks collections.  This collection focuses on arrow shapes, geometric points and lines, with a mix of organic shapes like pears, leaves and straw flowers.  A fabulous mix of traditional scrapbooking and art journal as I have both types of art in mind while creating my collections.

Jen Maddocks

Get inspired by Team Layouts:

Artful Marks No. 5 Layout

Layout by Sharon

Artful Marks No. 5 Layout

Layout by Ange

Artful Marks No. 5 Layout

Artful Marks No. 5 {Bundle}

Artful Marks No. 5 {Kit}

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