I always have good intentions of creating a Summer Bucket List for the kids and I – but it always remains in my head (and, so far, this summer is no exception). There are so many places to explore, fun things to do and foods to try – doing something new, or some classic favorites are a great way to spend the break! Plus, a list makes it easy when the kids say “I’m bored!”

A few summers ago we went to a different park every week. Just one in our community, a local neighborhood park – but as the summer progressed, we had to drive further and the kids would get excited! We’d pass several until we found one that looked extra fun! We found some really cool playgrounds that summer – and had a blast doing it!

The hardest part for me is the age difference in my kids – with my oldest being almost 13 and my youngest just turning 5 – it’s hard to find activities that they will all enjoy! But, that’s the beauty of a list – we can put things on it for everyone!

I am really hoping to actually make a list this year, write it down and do as much as we can – so I headed to the internet to get some inspiration! And, there are some great printables – so worst case, I’ll use someone else’s list! Below are 3 printable lists of summer fun that I found – a lot of the ideas are the same, but each has something unique to offer!

100+ Fun and Simple Ideas: Summer Bucket List 

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List – U Create

100+ Awesome Summer Ideas: Play, Party, Plan