Remember how the other day I scrapped (Faded Glory)? I promised myself I’d do a LO a day, finally finish those books. You know the books. In quilting we call unfinished projects UFO’s. Well, I’m a quilter and a scrapper. I have UFO quilts and UFO books.

Since that day I haven’t scrapped. Just work. All work & no play makes Toiny a very dull girl. Today is Halloween. Today is going to be different. Today I’m going to play! Though. Dane still needs a costume. I may only get to his costume & to trick or treating. I love trick or treating (read: I love candy)!

A quick little aside, I love Halloween! I dress up every year. I love to be a zombie, or a vampire, and wear scary contacts and yell BOO! Not this year.  This year I’m not dressing up. I may wind some sheets around me, be a mummy, and call it a day. But I have no costume waiting in the wings. I was going to be Professor X (I can walk about 6 meters now but I can’t trick or treat for hours so I’m still wheelchair bound), but I forgot to order the bald cap. Poor me.

But tomorrow. Tomorrow I scrap! I am dying (pun intended) to play with Simplette’s fabulous customizable sugar skull. Have you seen this? This is pure fun. Even better? Through November 4th it’s free!

We thought this was so much fun, we’d add an extra special challenge just this week. Simply download the free template, grab one (or more) of our mystery mini’s, decorate the skull & post in the special challenge. It’s an easy +100 challenge points and a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate!

I’m watching what everyone is creating, and my fingers are itching to grab my mouse & click away. I want to do a skull too!

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