I am always excited about fun DIY gift ideas. I haven’t tried this one, but it is now on my list! Actually, one of my hobbies includes making candles (mixing wax and scents and color….) so this would be a super fun way to personalized them. I’m picturing using layouts to do this – you’d have to adjust the size to match your candle jar, but how fun would personalized candles be? Read the tutorial below, and some of the comments. It sounds like your photo has to be printed with the right ink to work – but I’d love to see if you try this!

Learn how to make personalized candles with your favorite photo using easy an packing tape transfer! A handmade gift in just 15 minutes for under 5 bucks.

Source: How to make personalized candles [cheap + easy handmade gift!] – It’s Always Autumn