I’ve spent two weeks almost entirely indoors. I’ve snuck a breath of fresh air now and then. I got to go out & grab some groceries and, near the end, get braces on the boy. But mostly? Indoors. Fading away. The chicken pox may have claimed Dane as it’s victim, but I’ve been collateral damage.

I didn’t realize how much it weighed on me till Sunday evening. My girl friend Laura had texted me. Was I up for a girls night at the movies? Downton Abbey? Oh, I was. I really, really was. With bells on. I even put on some eyeshadow & mascara to sit in the dark, giggling with a friend.

That had been exactly what I needed. Some girl time. Catch up. Talking, a little crying. She’d lost her mother earlier this summer, I’d lost my father-in-law last month. Downton Abbey was delightful. It is the perfect description. It was light, filled with nonsense drama, giggly moments, gorgeous scenery. A beautiful little stroll deep into a world not our own. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

I feel more like me. These past two months have been all about the needs of others. Dave. His mom. Dane. Tess. So many needs. So many things to do. A lot of it not fun. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. I live for them. I live to take care of their needs. To serve them. I am on this earth to be a wife, mother, daughter. That is who I am. But. I am no good to anyone if I don’t take a moment to breath. A moment for me.

Sunday night was perfect. I feel refreshed & renewed, and reminded that I need to take care of me too. Just a movie, once every two months, is not enough. Laura & I agreed we will work harder to add a little light in both of our lives. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget something so simple as coffee with a friend. It is even more amazing what a difference it makes in a day to have coffee with a friend.

I have no pictures of me & Laura & Downton Abbey. I do have pictures of a puppy! That’ll cheer us all up. Who doesn’t love puppies?  Introducing Louie, the new puppy of my cousin the baker: